Stylish Workout Gloves

For weightlifting, spinning, CrossFit or anything that requires grip, these workout gloves are fashionable and functional. G-Loves Fashionable Workout Gloves For Women

Toughing it out through that sweat session might be just a bit easier when you know you look hot.

G-Loves, a brand specializing in trendy active wear, has released several collections of stylish workout gloves for men and women. Designed for hardcore activity, they’re ideal for strength-training, weightlifting, cycling, CrossFit…anything that requires grip.

G-Loves workout gloves range from around $45 – $60 at

The gloves come in various colors and prints, including Swarovski-studded, colorful 80s-inspired, animal print and camouflage.

The brand’s head designer Hedda Royce used pop culture and her love of upbeat 80s music as inspiration to create the super fun and chic designs. There’s even a “Vogue” collection of sassy, lace-trimmed gloves, inspired by the iconic Madonna song. They may just put you in the mood to “strike a pose” in the weight room.

Of course, G-Loves offer more than looks alone. Constructed with neoprene, they prevent sweat from sticking to your hands while high-quality cushioning prevents irritation, blisters and callouses.

Check out some of our favorite workout gloves in the slideshow below.
Sparkle G-Loves
Sparkle Collection workout gloves for women
$45.00 at
Vogue Collection
Vogue Collection workout gloves for women
$45.00 - $60.00 at
Wild Collection G-Loves
Wild Collection workout gloves for women
$45.00 at
G-Loves mens workout gloves
Urban Camo men's workout gloves
$45.00 at
G-Loves mens workout gloves
Digital Camo men's workout gloves
$45.00 at