6 Ways To Avoid Diet Sabotage On Halloween

How to avoid candy binges, squash cravings and make healthier choices.


What scares you the most on Halloween?  On the spookiest day of the year, diet sabotage is what many of us dread the most. 

As we all know, candy and sweets will be everywhere, and it can be difficult to resist. But don’t freak; with the right strategy, a healthy Halloween is possible.

Jenn Zerling, fitness expert and founder of JZFITNESS.com, asked dietician Kristy Morrell how to avoid diet pitfalls on Halloween.

According to Morrell, here are six smart tips: 

1. Bring snacks everywhere.

Whether you’re going to work or a Halloween party, prepare snacks to bring with you. Having your own stash of goodies will prevent you from digging into unhealthy options. “Co-workers bring candy in, but if you bring your own snacks in, then when you get hungry, you are less likely to turn to that huge bowl of Butterfingers and Twix because you were prepared,” Morrell said. 

2. Don’t even have one.

Although there’s nothing wrong with satisfying your cravings in moderation, having one piece of candy can tempt you to have another and another, especially when those around you might be noshing on it. Suddenly, one candy bar or cupcake turns into 10. Who hasn’t been there? 

Morrell recommends bringing your own piece of dark chocolate to the office, instead of relying on the processed, artificial candy at the office. 

4. Choose quality over quantity.

If you’re craving sweets, get something that contains quality ingredients. 

Natural candies made with fruit juice or vegetable juice are usually a better option, according to Morrell. But remember: moderation is key, so have a healthy, sensible portion. 

5. Know the 80/20 rule.

Focus on the nutritional value of the food you choose to consume. As a basic rule, the majority of your food (about 80 percent) should be healthy. When you live a healthy lifestyle, a sensible treat is well-deserved! “If my kids eat their healthy dinner, with lots and lots of vegetables, then they get their treat. If they choose to eat pizza or a hot dog and they don’t eat their broccoli and some cut up strawberries, then they don’t get candy that night. I tell them that I am not going to allow them to put candy into their bodies if they just ate a hot dog and not the healthy stuff that their bodies need,” Morrell said.

6. Curb a sweet-tooth by drinking plenty of water.

If you’re dehydrated, it’s easy to mistake hunger for thirst. Especially on Halloween, drinking plenty of water can squash unhealthy cravings.